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Special Offer


The following packages is for those who would like to take advantage of some affordable maintenance options. One of our specialists can provide you with an in-home service and perform the following:

1) System Clean-up including removal of Software Installations that are not required (Ability to recover extra disk storage space is a major plus point. Normally $50 + HST offsite and $75 + HST onsite).

2) Installation of Anti-Virus / Spyware / Malware Protection Agents (Keep yourself and your identity protected against any malicious spyware or corrupt files on your machine. Normally $50 + HST offsite and $75 + HST onsite).

3) System Performance and Tune-Up (Specialized utilities will be installed to align your system to run more smoothly. Normally $50 + HST offsite and $75 + HST onsite).

4) Provide a service clean-up to the physical machine (Helps to avoid dust and excessive heating issues causing hardware malfunction. Normally $50 + HST offsite and $75 + HST onsite).

5) Network Diagnostics / Inspection of cabling. Assessments of network parameters allowing better connectivity between other computers or peripherals such as printers including wireless devices which are not working efficiently. (Normally $50 + HST offsite and $75 + HST onsite).

6) 30 minutes of consulting to help with any general concerns including professional guidance for upcoming hardware of software upgrades including Backup solutions to avoid Data loss or corruption. (Normally $30 + HST offsite and $75 + HST onsite included).

7) A full report for the above provided by Ohri Corporation Helpdesk Ticketing System ($25 + HST standard charge).

The above is all part of a special package which we can provide for $205 + HST offsite or $325 + HST onsite.

Please note, each individual service component would normally cost $50 per incident per hour offsite or $75 per incident per hour onsite. This results as a saving in the following manner:

Offsite savings: $100 + HST (Regular price: $305 + HST)

Onsite savings: $150 + HST (Regular price: $475 + HST)

* The difference between offsite and onsite: Offsite requires the customer or client to drop off and collect the equipment. Onsite allows for the I.T Consultant to visit you where the machine is. For Network diagnosis, this is typically required as remote network diagnostics cannot assess any physical cabling issues related to the network.

PLEASE NOTE: Services Components 1-4 apply only to 1 machine. If more machines are required, please contact Ohri Corporation.


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