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Full-Scale Solutions

We can setup your entire I.T Infrastructure.  From Cabling and security access control to network I.T operations including support and maintenance.

Consulting Services

Whether it be a small personal project or a small to medium business solution.  We can provide you with the consulting experience and advice. Let us help you make the right decisions.


Setups can be quite time consuming especially if you are a beginner or novice. We can help you get started. We can give you the basic guidance that will help you enjoy new equipment and effectively using it to benefit your needs.

Project Management

We can provide you with quality project management services thanks to the expertise and professional experience we have on the team. Small or large, we can help you get to what you desire.


We can provide full custom installations for our business and residential clients. Whether it be a simple home network where setup and configuring of workstations, laptops, mobile devices, wireless routers are required to communicate with each other or whether you need servers, I.T Rooms, Commercial Switches / Routers, Server Racks and physical network cabling at a commercial site. Ohri Corporation Inc can provide simple to more complicated installations depending on our client’s requirements.

Helpdesk & Support

Whether you are a new or regular client. You can create your very own helpdesk support tickets so that we can look after any issues or troubleshoot present issues that you are experiencing. We want to see you get back on track and minimize disruption to your services.

Please visit to create and review support tickets.


We can setup your entire I.T Infrastructure. We can provide you a full-scale technology operation from start to finish including support and maintenance.  We have positioned ourselves with industry specialists and work in teams where necessary to give you the full technology operation in full motion.

Whether you are a basic, novice or expert user, you may still need some extra help and support.

At Ohri Consulting, we take pride in helping our clients no matter what level of experience they have with technology.  Here are a few items we regularly help clients with but are certainly not limited to just these:

– Computer Repairs and Upgrades – Desktops and Laptops
– Software Installations and Configurations
– Printer Installations
– Email configurations
– Computer Diagnostics – Hardware and Software
– Virus and Spyware Removal
– Wired or Wireless Network Setup and Configurations
– Data or Disaster Recovery *
– Data Transfer between computers
– Remote Desktop / Laptop Support

Our rates start at $45.00 per hour, non-client site work. We also offer services which can be done at your home or business location including pick and delivery of equipment.  For all work requiring a visitation to a client site, our rates start at $65.00 per hour.  Taxes are not included.

* For Data or Disaster Recovery, Ohri Corporation can not warrant or guarantee responsibility of a full data recovery.  This is solely dependent on the condition of a data drive or data storage device or hardware upon which recovery services are being performed.  Any data that is readable or has no corruption or other faults is likely to be recovered however we cannot guarantee full or partial recovery of lost or corrupt data.

We strongly advise all our clients to maintain a healthy storage solution which can also be self-maintained.  Speak to us for further guidance.  This service starts at $60.00 per hour and requires a minimum of 1 chargeable diagnostics.


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